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Yogesh (Yogi) Surendranath is the Paul M. Cook Career Development Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds dual bachelor's degrees in chemistry and physics from the University of Virginia and a PhD in inorganic chemistry from MIT, obtained under the direction of Professor Daniel Nocera. As part of his graduate work, he investigated the mechanism oxygen evolution catalysis by oxidic cobalt-based materials. After receiving his PhD, Professor Surendranath undertook postdoctoral studies as a Miller Research Fellow at UC Berkeley, under the direction of Professor Paul Alivisatos. In the summer of 2013, he assumed his current position at MIT. His research group aims to store renewable electricity in energy-dense chemical bonds by controlling interfacial reactivity at the molecular level. Professor Surendranath has authored over 50 publications and is the recipient of numerous awards including an E. Bright Wilson Prize, NSF CAREER award, a DOE Young Investigator Award, an Air Force Young Investigator Award, a Toyota Young Investigator Award from The Electrochemical Society, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, and the Cottrell Scholar Award.