The NERM 2019 program consists of a broad range of technical sessions that cross the boundaries of traditional Chemistry subdisciplines to bring rich, multi-faceted, interdisciplinary topics. Planned tracks and symposia are listed below with more to come!

Poster Session Update: If you are presenting a poster, the maximum size is 4’x4’ and the recommended size is 4’x3’ (w x h).  

Advances in Analytical Spectroscopy

            Chair: Igor Lednev

Aerogels: Remarkable Materials for Diverse Applications

            Chairs: Ann Anderson, Mary Carroll

Analytical Biotechnology

            Chair: Jan Halamek

Analytical Instrumentation

Chair: Jacob Shelley

Bioanalytical Medical Diagnostics

            Chair: James Rusling


            Chairs: Alexander Shekhtman, Jia Sheng

Bioelectronics and Bionanotechnology

            Chair: Evgeny Katz

Bioinorganic and Bioorganic Chemistry

            Chair: Artem Melman

Bioinspired Nanostructures & Assemblies

            Chair: Mathew Maye

Bioorthogonal Chemistry, from Test Tube to Animal

            Chair: Maksim Royzen

Buck-Whitney Award, Past Awardees

            Chair: Mary Carroll

Cannabis Science and Testing

            Chair: Kaveh Kahen

Chemical Nanomedicine

            Chair: Maria Hepel

Clean Environment: from Theories to Applications

            Chair: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Data Fusion and Processing in Forensic Science Analysis: Innovations and Future Directions

            Chair: Rabi Musah

Designing Molecules for Delivery

            Chair: Lauren Austin

Dynamic Biointerface

            Chair: Sergiy Minko

Educational Chemistry

Chair: Steve Tysoe

Entrepreneurs Toolkit: Resources and Best Practices

            Chair: George Ruger

(looking for presentations from small chemical and related businesses, including consultants to the chemical industry and representatives of start-ups.  Presentations can focus on "best practices" from those involved in such organizations.  Possible topics include IP, capital formation, SBIR, what works and does not work in industry, etc.)

Forensic analysis in the lab and at the crime scene

            Chair: Igor Lednev

Formulations to Enable Drug Delivery

            Chair: Lauren Austin

Functional Nanomaterials: From Synthesis to Bio-applications

            Chair: Rajesh Sunasee

Inorganic Chemistry

            Chairs: Peter Dinolfo

Metals in Medicine

            Chairs: Peter Caravan, Janet Morrow

Nanotechnology in Catalysis for Advancing Sustainable Energy

            Chair: Chuan-Jian Zhong

Polymers and Polymeric Materials

            Chair: Jeremy Feldblum

Synthesis of Next Generation Nanoparticles & Nanostructures

            Chair: Mathew Maye

The Interdisciplinary Nature of Biochemistry

            Chair: Karina Ckless

The Molecular Mechanism of Olfaction

Chair: Eric Block

Women and Chemistry – Removing the Fake Mustache: Strategies for Success as a Woman Chemist

            Chair: Aubrey Galusha