Booking a hotel at the conference center:

The Saratoga Hilton offers lavish rooms for staying on-site during the conference. Book a room using the button below and enjoy the accommodations. Be sure to check out the amazing local attractions of Saratoga!

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Local Attractions

The Saratoga Springs City Center is located downtown of beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY. The latest update of activities and attractions can be found at

South of the center is a plethora of restaurants, pubs and tasting rooms all within walking distance. Not sure which one to pick?

Try out one of these nearby spots:

The Saratoga Spa State Park is a short drive from the conference center. There are trails for hiking, fresh water springs, a swimming pool, Bath and Spa, performance centers, golf and many other things! Take an extra day or two to enjoy the beautiful summer outdoors in upstate New York.

Arrive a few days before NERM and catch these fun events!

Saratoga Balloon and BBQ Festival on June 21-23. Book a ride on a hot air balloon.

Skidmore Classic Horse Show on June 21-23.

Stay until the following weekend and check out these events!

Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival on June 29-30.

Saratoga’s Opera Summer Festival starting June 29.

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