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The Eastern New York section of the American Chemical Society (ENYACS) is located in the Capital District of New York State, which includes the cities of Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Rensselaer, and Saratoga Springs.  Our organization promotes public awareness of chemistry by involvement in outreach programs in our community, and works with students to encourage an interest in the chemical sciences.  The section is also the home of the prestigious Buck-Whitney Award. 

The Buck W award was established by the Eastern New York ACS section executive committee in 1976. The name of the award, Buck-Whitney, was chosen to recognize two of the most eminent research directors in the section.

Johannes Buck was associate director and subsequently director of research at Sterling Winthrop (SWRI) from 1942 until his death in 1956. Born in England in 1895, he received his Ph.D. working for Heilbron at the University of Liverpool in 1922. He continued his research working for Perkins until 1924. He taught at Yale and Duke until 1929. He then became head of the organic chemistry section of Wellcome Research Labs until 1942.

Willis R. Whitney was director of research at General Electric Corporate Research & Development (GE CRD) from 1900 until his retirement in 1932. He was born in 1868 in Jamestown, NY. He was educated at MIT and received his doctorate at the University of Leipzig. He then taught at MIT. He came to Schenectady, NY, in 1900 with doubts whether there would be enough challenging problems in the GE Company to hold his interest. For several years, he worked on a part-time basis. He was a charter member of our section, was first chair of the section, and in the following year became national president of the ACS.

The purpose of the award is to recognize excellent original contributions to pure and applied chemistry. The recipient is preferably someone who has not yet achieved national recognition as evidenced by a national award from the ACS. The recipient is expected to deliver an address before the meeting at which the award is made. Past recipients of the Buck-Whitney Award have gone on to win further awards, even the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, as demonstrated in 1999 by Ahmed Zewail.

A fund, started with donations from SWRI and GE CRD, was established. It provides a bronze medal, a cash award and an expense stipend for the recipient.

Buck-Whitney Award Winners

YEAR             RECIPIENT                                                 AFFILIATION

1976               Paul Lauterbur                                         State University of New York, Stony Brook

1977               Norman L. Wendler                                Merck, Sharp & Dohme

1978               William A. Goddard                                California Institute of Technology

1979               James C. Martin                                        Illinois

1981               Jack H. Freed                                              Cornell

1983               Kelvin K. Ogilvie                                      McGill

1985               Ahmed H. Zewail                                     California Institute of Technology

1988               Malcolm C. Chisholm                            Indiana University

1989               Paul A. Bartlett                                         University of California, Berkeley

1991               Kenneth D. Karlin                                    Johns Hopkins

1993               Peter B. Armentrout                              Utah

1995               Steven C. Zimmerman                         Illinois

1997               Richard Barry Kaner                             University of California, Los Angeles

1999               Frank V. Bright                           State University of New York, Buffalo 

2001               William B. Tolman                                 University of Minnesota

2003               Thomas Szyperski                       State University of New York, Buffalo

2005               Kathryn Uhrich                                      Rutgers University

2007               Alice Y. Ting                                             Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2009               Stanislaus S. Wong                               State University of New York, Stony Brook,Brookhaven National Laboratory 

2011               Matthew B. Francis                                University of California, Berkeley 

2013               Michelle C. Chang                                  University of California, Berkeley 

2015               Wei Min                                                     Columbia University

2017               Yimon Aye                                                Cornell University